It’s no surprise that in order to get in shape and become a healthier person, you must make small, simple changes over a period of time. Trying to take on too much at once only sets you up for failure or even worse, an injury. You can begin making small steps towards a healthier you on your own, so long as you are healthy and have no major health concerns. The New Year is coming and it’s coming fast. Gyms will be crowded for a while and people will have all these good intentions to get healthy and in shape. The one thing most of us miss is that we didn’t gain these 15 lbs in a month ( most likely) so it’s not going to come off over night. 

If you want your new lifestyle to stick and make it a lifelong commitment then it takes proper planning. You don’t want to do a complete 180 and eat paleo and never have a beer or whatever your drink of choice is, because it  won’t work. This will last for about a month and that’s if you really have some will power. Then your back to the way you were last year saying you’re not cut out to be in shape and eating healthy is just too hard. 

The one key attribute we all need to work on is PATIENCE. This will make life so much easier. I have been working on this for a while and it is probably one of the most difficult things to really gain or at least be aware of. I’ll use myself for an example, over the summer I injured my right knee. I went to physical therapy, had an MRI and saw a few orthopedics. No one could find anything wrong with my leg. I couldn’t bend it and I had a little limp sometimes. It drove me crazy! I was doing more foam rolling and mobility than I was sleeping. I tried more supplements than I would ever care to admit. All this because in my head my body is suppose to heal like it did when I was 18, and dare I say it but I’m that dirty number everyone calls 30 ( ouch it hurts to type that). I needed to have patience and let my body heal. So four and a half months later my leg is starting to feel better but is far from a 100%. I look at it this way, everyday it feels even slightly better is a victory and a step in the right direction. On a positive note, I’ve even learned a few things about my body that I probably never would have if this injury never happened.

Think of getting in shape and becoming a overall healthier person as a journey. You want to take it slow and enjoy the process. Really learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t think everything is set in stone and don’t always take everyone else’s advice. That’s their journey not yours. Be patient because anything really worth attaining is going to take time and dedication.

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