Tips and Tricks for holiday parties

So the holiday season is upon us were the cookies are plentiful and the beer flows from the kitchen sink. I know kind of corny but you get the idea. This time of year on average people gain between 5-7lbs which can really set you back on your New Years goals. This doesn’t have to be the case if you’re smart and plan your attack at each party or event you attend. 

Disclaimer: I do not have the secret formula that will allow you to eat whatever you want and not gain a pound. If I did, I would be rich! But these tips can help you stress a little less about each time you go to a party. You just have to think about your day ahead of time. Being well-planned will always work out for you in the end. 


1.      If you’re going out that night and you know there is going to be bad food choices that you will consume, eat light all day. Stick to mostly protein and veggies.

2.      If there’s, time squeeze in a workout before your event. This will make you more insulin sensitive and less likely to store fat.

3.      Choose a smaller plate and try to avoid just picking. Take moderate helpings of the foods you really want and enjoy the meal. Don’t deprive yourself.

4.      Liquid calories are your enemy. Avoid these unless it’s a great craft beer, if so drink and be happy.

5.      Eat until you’re satisfied, not stuffed. Most of us just eat until we can’t take another bite. Like I said don’t deprive yourself but don’t eat until you have to loosen your belt either.

6.      Get back on track the right away and don’t punish yourself for indulging. 

These are just some to the strategies I use when it comes to going out and enjoying the holidays. I love good food and great beer but I plan my day ahead of time and make smart choices. And if I go overboard, which does happen occasionally, I get back on track right away. If I have a ton of food and carbohydrates that night, the next day I limit my carbs and just eat less that day. 

Enjoy the holidays

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